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Pet Fostering Service Scotland
PO Box 6
FK17 8ZU  
Charity No: SC015672
Phone: 0344 811 9909

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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Pet Fostering Service Scotland
provides short term emergency care for pets,
when their owner is unable through
illness, homelessness or domestic abuse,
 and cannot provide any alternative care.

Please phone  0344 811 9909*  to enquire about having a pet fostered with PFSS
Phone lines operate 9am to 7pm daily & you may have to leave a message.


PFSS News & Update for February 2021:
  • PFSS is very grateful for the many volunteering applications that we have received, please note that it will take between 4 to 6 weeks to process these through our comprehensive application process.
Requesting Pet Foster Care:
PFSS is operating where & when possible during Covid-19 restrictions to provide care for the pets of owners in an emergency situation. If you need pet foster care please phone the PFSS national number 0344 811 9909 betwen 9am and 7pm daily to speak with the PFSS team and also see the page 'Requesting Pet Foster Care'.

In view of Covid-19, the criteria and process for pet acceptance is strict and at all times within the Scottish Government Covid-19 guidelines. Also, because of the current situation we require that all pet foster requests are supported by a 'health professional' such as a social worker etc.

If you wish to consider volunteering, please see the following links to the pages on our website, which take you though all aspects of volunteering with PFSS:

'Could you Volunteer',

'What is Pet Fostering'
Then if you are able to volunteer, please read the further details on this page, which specifically relate to fostering and where you will also find an application form, suitable for all volunteer roles:

'Applying to Volunteer'

Please note: Children in the pet foster home
: Please note that we are unable to recruit new dog fosterers where there are children in the home under 7 years of age. In the case in a new fosterer with no previous experience of dog care, the lower age limit for children in the pet foster home 12 years of age.


*0344 811 9909 is a standard rate call, this is not a premium number and is often 'inclusive' with phone contracts 'call bundles'.
** A paper application form is available if preferred, just email or phone the or 0344 811 9909 option 6. A paper application can also be printed from our 'Apply to Volunteer' page.

PFSS does not operate in Dumfries & Galloway. For Borders region select East & Lothians phone option and for Lanarkshire & Ayrshire select West & Glasgow option.