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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Here you can find some useful lost, found, rehoming & general support links*

If you feel a pet is at risk, please call the 

Scottish SPCA 03000 999 999

The Cinnamon Trust

Supports elderly or infirm pet owners

Moving Home:

 There is useful information about pet care and pet arrangements when moving home on the GoCompare website.

Adopting & Caring for Rescue Animals:

There is useful information in this topic from the Direct Line website

Stray Dogs:
If you have found a dog straying please contact
your local City Council and speak to the dog warden.

Lost Pet:

If you have lost a pet it would be worth calling local vets,
police and rehoming centres. There are also two national sites: &
If your pet was microchipped contact the microchip company
(two of the main microchip companies are Petlog and Anibase)
to let them know a pet is missing.

For lost, stolen, missing & found dogs in Scotland 


PFSS is not a rehoming charity.
If you need to permanently rehome your pet or are looking to adopt a pet there are numerous charities who may be able to help.
It is impossible for us to list every charity here but a useful site which numerous charities advertise on is:


The three well known charities
who take in animals for rehoming are:

 ScottishSPCA     Dogs Trust    Cats Protection

*please note that the above links are for information only and not specifically endorsed by PFSS.