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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

Pet Care Advice

Covid-19 pandemic

Government guidance states that it is rare for an animal to catch coronavirus. Please use this link for further information.

There is no evidence to suggest that pets directly transmit the virus to humans. There is also no evidence to suggest that this virus is circulating between pets in the UK. All available evidence indicates that the spread of coronavirus in the UK is due to human-to-human transmission.

If you're social distancing or self-isolating because of Covid-19 you may not be able to exercise your dog as you normally would.                                               

Whether Covid-19, the weather or your pet's health prevents them from enjoying the outdoors there are other great ways to keep them mentally stimulated. Playing with your dog a few times throughout the day can stop them from making up their own games and keeping their minds distracted from other possible destructive habits.                                                                                      

Of course, this also applies to cats or other small animals within the home. It is very important to spend time with your animal companions to develop a strong bond and play is the best way to do this.

Feeding your pets should also be more of a game than simply filling up a food bowl each day. Place a portion of their food in a special foraging toy and hide this around or in their cage. Your pet will have to seek it out and then manipulate it to obtain the food. Its a much more active, stimulating and rewarding activity for them.

Vet care during the pandemic                                                                                                                           
You will still be able to access your vet during the pandemic, although they may be offering an altered service due to reduced staffing and government guidelines. Always contact your vet if your pet becomes unwell, but please be patient and wherever possible, call before going to the practice.