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Pet Fostering Service Scotland
PO Box 6
FK17 8ZU  
Charity No: SC015672
Phone: 0344 811 9909

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Pet Fostering Service Scotland

What do we do?

PFSS provides a unique service, supporting pet owners who are in one of the following emergency situations:

  • Ill health
  • Temporary homelessness
  • Domestic abuse 
If a pet owner is in one of these situations and is unable to afford boarding fees or arrange any other care for their pet, then PFSS will try to help.
PFSS does not operate a boarding centre or kennels but relies solely on volunteers who welcome the pet into their own home.

Our foster carers have been approved through an assessment process and had a home visit by our team 

If you want to ask us a question,  just email:
.....we do not accept fostering requests by use our service please see the 'Using PFSS' page