Frequently Asked Questions:

This page lists many of the questions that we are asked regularly, although the list could be endless. The points are equally applicable to both owners who are considering using PFSS and volunteers who are interested in our work.


Q:What is the role of the  Area Organiser?

The area organsiser is the point of contact for both owners/healthcare professionals/relatives who want to request fostering of a pet and also for the fosterer who is looking after the pet. In short, the link between the client and the fosterer......(& the pet)


Q:What happens if the pet does not settle into the foster home, or is unsuitable?

PFSS will provide immediate support and advice in these situations.  In extreem cases we will re-locate the pet and may have to temporarily use local kennels/cattery until the problem is resolved. The Area Organiser is the point of contact for foster problems and can arrange for either help & support. 


Q: As a fosterer, what happens if we have a holiday arranged?

In all cases the fosterer should ensure that the Area Organiser is aware of holiday plans so that if a foster allocation is extended, alternative arrangements can be made.


Q: Can a fosterer take a foster pet on holiday with them?

This is an unusual situation and in most cases would not be recommended, however it can be discussed with PFSS on a case by case basis.


Q: What happens if the owner is unable to take the pet back for whatever reason?

PFSS will arrange, with the owner or secondary contact/next of kin to re-home the pet through one of the many agencies throughout Scotland or as a local arrangement. However PFSS is not a rehoming charity.


Q: What happens if a pet needs veterinary care?

PFSS always ensures that such care is arranged and will pay the immediate cost until the owner can be contacted to discuss the vet care. This is fully detailed in the Fosterer Handbook.


Q: What happens if a pet escapes or is injured?

Full details of the procedure and actions are in the Fosterer Handbook, but in every case speed is key and 'waiting to see what happens' is not an option.


Q: How is PFSS funded?

We make no charge for fostering and do not pay fosterers, over and above expenses and pet food. Our work is supported entirely by donation, from clients, the general public, trust funds and legacy donations. More details of how to make a donation are on the donate page of this website.


Q: Who pays for pet food and any accessories like collars and leads?

Our preference is that the owner simply pays for pet food, although it can be arranged to supply food from the owner when the pet is fostered. In the case of the owner being unable to pay then the PFSS Hardship fund will provide payment until an arrangement with the owner is made. Accessories should be provided by the owner, however PFSS can supply long dog leads etc. 


Q: Can a foster dog be walked off the lead?

Our preference is that all dogs are kept on a lead when out walking and in communal gardens (such as a block of flats). We can supply extending leads or long 'tape' leads for dog walking. Long 'tape' leads are preferred due to the difficulty many have with extending 'coil-up' leads, especially if the dog is running fast. In all cases care must be taken if a dog is running on a long lead.


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