Could you Volunteer? a fosterer, a home Assessor or administrator?

Fosterers..... give a temporary home to a pet, taking full responsibility for the care, feeding and exercise of the short they give the pet a 'home from home' and free the owner from worry at a difficult time. 

We offer care for all types of pets, from cats & dogs to snakes & hamsters. There are more details below, and then having considered these details, if you wish to apply, please complete the on-line application form at the foot of this page.

By helping in other roles..... We rely on volunteers to carry out virtual home assessments, to become involved in fundraising and to promote the work of PFSS, either in person or helping our advertising campaign. If you would like to help in any way.....please use the form below.

There is more detailed and important information about applying to become a fosterer together with an on-line application form in the following section, however if we have not answered your questions then please contact the recruitment team by email to

What is pet fostering? is an overview: 

A fosterer:

  • Gives a temporary home to a pet, for sometimes for a week, often a month or more.
  • Takes full responsibility for the pet during that time.
  • Provides the pet care, feeding & exercise (where appropriate). Gives a pet a ‘home from home’ taking away the worry of pet care from the owner at a difficult time.
  • Is a serious and sometimes difficult role but with positive rewards for helping both pets and owners.
  • Enjoys caring for a pet that is often distressed having been parted from their owner….but pets do settle.
  • Has the satisfaction of helping, especially when seeing a pet being reunited with its owner.
  • Has all expenses refunded and any veterinary costs paid.
  • Is supported by the PFSS Area Organiser and the PFSS experienced team.

Pet Fostering:

  • Is NOT a shortcut or temporary way to satisfy children in the family wanting a pet.
  • Is NOT something to keep children amused or occupied or can take a dog for a walk.
  • Is NOT a short term volunteering role or just for lockdown, we ask volunteers to take a least two foster pets each year.
  • Is NOT suitable for dog care if the home is unoccupied for hours every day, pets need company.

Age of Children in pet foster homes: Please note that we are unable to recruit dog fosterers where there are children in the home under 7 years of age. In the case of a new fosterer, with minimal experience of dog care, the lower age limit for children in the pet foster home is 12 years of age.

 Applying to become a fosterer......

  • Applying to become a fosterer is not just a matter of ‘joining’ our charity but as the fosterer will be taking temporary but total responsibility for a pet, which is a life-long companion to its owner.
  • Please note that our recruitment process is comprehensive & selective and it can take between 4 to 6 weeks to become a fosterer after applying.
  • Pet fostering is not an ‘easy’ way to have a temporary pet, it can be demanding, difficult and frustrating, but in the end always rewarding.
  • Fosterers range from students to retirees, but the key to a successful pet foster is having a calm, happy & friendly home where a potentially distressed pet, separated from its owner, can feel care and attention. We therefore need to be assured that the applicant is also able to spend time with the pet, particularly dogs, and able to safely exercise the dog.

We ask potential fosterers, who must be over 18, to complete a comprehensive application form, which asks for the name and address of a referee that has known the applicant for over 3 years and who is not a family member. We may ask for a reference.

We also carry out a ‘virtual’ home visit combined with an interview.

PFSS requires that the applicant signs a declaration relating to any record of ‘criminal behaviour against animals’ & confirmation that the PFSS regulations including confidentiality (that no social media regarding fostering is allowed) and pet care will be met.

We also require a 'passport style' or 'selfie' photo for the pet fosterers PFSS ID Badge. 

Virtual Home Assessments : Please note that for dog fosterers we will undertake a virtual home visit using an agreed ‘video tool’ such as Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime etc and for cat fosterers conduct the ‘visit’ by a phone discussion.

  • There will be no video or audio copy of the visit retained.

Finally, we prefer a minimum of existing pets in the home, to allow the foster pet to settle. However every situation is different so we have an initial upper limit of two of the same species as the foster pet, but this can be discussed with the home assessor.


If you wish to apply, are over 18 and can potentially support a minimum of two individual fosters over a 12 month period, then please complete this on-line application form below. You will receive an acknowledgement when the application is ‘submitted’ via the submit button, and please note it may take up to 6 weeks to process the application and complete the home assessment.

For more details of other ways to help, please email the 

  • Here is the application form link, a postal version is also available, please contact the volunteer Coordinator if this is required.

On-line application form

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