Using Pet Fostering.......

Requesting Pet Foster care: 
In the event of an emergency, a carer*, relative or the owner should contact the local PFSS Area Organiser, via our national phone number: 

 0344 811 9909 (open 9am and 7pm daily)

This is a standard rate phone call and is often an inclusive number with phone bundles. 

Please listen to the recorded message and select your area of Scotland, or see our Contact Page for details of the phone number options. (You may have to leave a message, please make sure you repeat your phone number for clarity)
For security, PFSS does not accept the initial foster request by email, text or any other method, only by phone to our national number.
* the carer could be a social worker, a nurse, a home help etc.
 Here are some details of our process :
  • The PFSS Area Organiser will collect details of the pet and the owner's situation and then allocate it to a foster home if one is available and suitable for the pet.
  • Two forms must be completed and signed before the foster period starts:
1. Foster Request Form - so that the fostering arrangements are clearly understood and includes details of the pet's daily routine, diet and any special needs.
2. PFSS Authorisation Form - this form authorises PFSS to provide a temproary home for the pet, and allows us to request veterinary treatment if needed. Two signatures are required, the owner or other responsible person on their behalf and a second person who will take responsibility for the pet should the owner be unable to in the long term. 
Please be assured that PFSS treats all information about pets and their owner as private & confidential.
Our preference is that the person requesting help takes responsibility for the local arrangements such as transporting the pet to the fosterer, but we can suggest alternative ways to transport the pet.
We ask the owner to provide or pay for all food while their pet is in our care and expect the owner to pay for any veterinary treatment the pet may require, but often this is not immediately possible. For immediate pet care PFSS has a Hardship Fund that enables essential veterinary treatment to be paid without delay.
(Please note that we do not provide a boarding service for pets whose owners are going on holiday.) 
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